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We are committed to ethical and responsible breeding practices and to the health and safety of all our Border Collies.

Our contracts are very clear, that no puppy or dog received from us may be re-homed or bred with without our written consent.  If for any reason, your situation changes and you can no longer care for your dog, you are required to contact us first, and we will either take the dog or re-home/approve the new home. 

Should we ever see one of our Border Collies in a shelter or moved to an unhealthy home environment, will we proceed with legal proceedings.

We are committed to ensuring our dogs go to loving homes who take ownership seriously and to do all we can to ensure the breed continues to grow and prosper.

Securing your puppy with a Deposit

Once a litter has been confirmed, then deposits will be accepted.  We will only accept deposits that we feel we will be able to fill in the upcoming or next litter.  If there are several people looking for the same dog ( e.g. A female Merle, we will only take a maximum of 3 deposits on the litter).  If you are more flexible and have several choices, if we are able, we will take a deposit.  

We can never guarantee a certain gender or colour will be born but we do our best to accommodate and deposits ensure you have your pre-selection prior to those on our regular waiting list.

Should we not have the puppy you wanted at pre-selection, your deposit then moves to the top of the next litter based on the position it was initially in (i.e. spots 2 and 3 successfully have a puppy, you move to #1 on the next litter).

If we have two litters and cannot meet your requirements, a refund of your deposit will be offered.

Waiting Lists

Your name on a waiting list will never mean the order is guaranteed.  Once pre-selection has occurred (around 4 weeks), we then move to our wait list in the order preference and availability.

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